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Global Cuisine

Mediterranean/ European: Italian, French, Spanish/ Latin, Greek, Turkish, Dalmatian Coast, Russian

Oceanian: Australian, New Zealand, Tasmanian 

Asian: East – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian; Southeast – Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai; South – Indian, Maldivian, Pakistani; West/ Middle East – Arabic, Lebanese, Syrian 

Celtic: Irish, Scottish, Welsh

Central and South American

North American: North Eastern/ New England, Mid-western, Southern, Californian, South Western, Caribbean Cajun/ Creole 

Haute/ Nouvelle/ Fusion/ Molecular Gastronomy

Kosher (basic), Halal (basic)

Raw, Spa Cuisine, Vegan/ Vegetarianism, Macrobiotic, Diabetic, Gluten Free

Where Food, Passion and Art become One...
Stuffed Courgette Flower with smoked Harley Farm Artisan Goat Ricotta
Wild Nushagak River Salmon fumé
Brittany Blue Lobster poached in Beurre de Baratte au Sel Fumé Le Beurre Bordier 
Valrhona Grand Cru Opalys 33% Soufflé au Chocolat Blanc
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